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  Lily Le

Lily Le

Player Profile


Kennewick, Wa

High School:




Club Team:

Season Outlook: Unfortunately, Lily sustained a shoulder injury and will not be able to compete this season.

Personal:Born 11-24-84...Daughter of Huong and Danh Le...graduated from Southridge High School in 2003...was vice president her senior year...named Business Student of the month

Meet An Otahkian:


Lily Le
Birthday: November 24, 1984
Hometown: Kennewick, Wash.
Parents: Huong and Danh Le
Major: Undecided

Q & A With Lily Le

At what age did you start gymnastics? 3 years old
How did you become involved in gymnastics? My mom thought I was sick too often, and it would be healthy for me.
What is your favorite event? Why? Bars, because I have worked so hard and have overcome them. Hard work has paid off.
What has been your most memorable non-gymnastics moment at Southeast? Playing Catch Phrase with my teammates.

My Favorite...

cartoon character(s): Tom and Jerry
color: Silver
food at 7 a.m.: Bagel and cream cheese
place you have ever visited: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
restaurant: Olive Garden

Little-Known Facts:

If I had to be one animal, it would be... an iguana.
Number of times I have landed on my head... 5 times or so.
One thing I can't live without is... phone.
Longest time I've spent in a chalk tray is... 10 minutes.
10 years from now I see myself... very successful with a good job.
If I could meet any two people (living or dead) I would choose... Alya, and a rich person to go shopping with.
Something you may not know about me is... I received a black belt in Tae-Kwan Do.
I do gymnastics because... I've grown up with it, progressed really well, don't know what I'd do without it, and I like helping lower-level gymnasts.

Lily Le


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