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Junior Ashley Godwin
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Consistency Is The Mark Of A Champion

March 11, 2003

All eyes have been on Ohtahkian junior Ashley Godwin as she consistently puts up impressive scores this season. As an all-arounder, there are plenty of opportunities for error, but the Cape Coral, Fla.- native turns in top performances every meet.

The combination of fluency and power allow Godwin to do things in the air that look inhumanly possible. Godwin's gymnastics experience goes back to when she was two years of age. The Cape Coral High School Godwin attended did not offer gymnastics, so she opted for club gymnastics. Godwin's passion for gymnastics pushed here to compete for the Cape Coral High cheerleading and diving squad's, which both require similar body movements when compared to gymnastics.

"My parents have been very supportive throughout my gymnastics career by always encouraging me to work harder," she said. "The motivation and courage I receive from my fellow teammates, coaches and my parents drives me to work harder, and in turn, I encourage the team to work 110 percent so we can make it to post-season meets."

Godwin's hard work and determination carried her to Arizona last season to compete in the NCAA Regionals. "I was fortunate enough to rotate with the best team in the nation, and compete with several Olympic gymnasts," she said.

It is evident that Godwin is a team-orientated athlete always motivating and encouraging her teammates to perform to a higher level. Godwin's actions speak louder than words as her performances spark a sense of confidence in each and everyone of her teammates.

"The memories that I share with my teammates are going to be everlasting and something that is truly special to me," she said.

Head coach Patty Stotzheim praised Godwin's work ethic and accomplishments saying: "Ashley is a very efficient worker in the gym. Emotionally, Ashley has a great approach to the sport, the team, and competition."

When Godwin is not excelling in the gym, she focuses on her studies in the classroom. Godwin's future aspirations are to move back to a warmer climate and obtain a career as a physical therapist. However, before she leaves her ultimate goal is to score a perfect ten on an event and make it to the National Championships.

Stotzheim feels that Godwin has the ability to do well. "I would venture to say that Ashley is the most talented gymnast this program has ever seen," said Stotzheim. "The level of her difficulty on floor far surpasses any routines I've seen in the archives and the fact that she came so close to qualifying to the NCAA Division I Nationals last year makes her accomplishments all the more outstanding."

Consistency is marking Godwin as one of the most prolific gymnast Southeast has ever had. Godwin has the rest of this season, plus one more year of eligibility left in her collegiate career to reach those dreams and aspirations that are destined upon her.

2003 Season Statistics:
Ashley Godwin
	       Vault	Bars	Beam 	Floor	All-Around
@Centenary	9.600	9.800	9.600	9.775	38.775
Illinois State	9.650	9.800	9.450	9.900	38.800
@Ball State	9.600	9.725	9.800	9.900	39.025
Ill. Chicago	9.750	9.875	8.100	9.800	37.525
U. of Illinois	9.750	9.575	9.875	9.900	39.100
@Western Michigan	9.725	9.850	9.750	9.800	39.125
@Corvette Classic 	9.775	9.700	8.400	9.825	37.700
Eastern Michigan	9.675	9.825	9.750	9.825	39.075
CAREER RECORDS	9.825	9.900	9.875	9.900	39.275

@Kentucky (3/14/03) @Illinois State (3/17/03) Winona State (3/21/03) @MIC (3/29/03)


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