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I. Purpose

The purpose of the Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals who have made exemplary and positive contributions to intercollegiate athletics and related areas and who will bring distinction to Southeast Missouri State University and the Department of Athletics.

The Hall of Fame should represent the entire Southeast community, including student-athletes, coaches, staff, donors and fans.

II. Hall of Fame Committee Membership

Membership of the committee will be appointed by the Director of Athletics and will total nine persons. The membership will consist of, but not be limited to, faculty members, staff members, coaching staff members, former athletes and Booster Club members. The Sports Information Director will always be a member of the committee.

Each member of the committee will serve for a period of three years. At the conclusion of the three year term, a member will be eligible to be reappointed by the Director of Athletics for a period of three years.

It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson to establish necessary sub-committees to facilitate procedures of the Hall of Fame Committee.

The first chairperson will be appointed by the athletic director with any future chairperson to be chosen by the Hall of Fame Committee.

III. Nominees

  • To be eligible, one must be nominated.
  • Nominees to the Hall of Fame can be made by anyone.
  • Nominations must be submitted to the Chairperson of the Hall of Fame Committee with a written summary of the achievements that justify the nominee's inclusion in the Hall of Fame. All materials supporting each nomination must be submitted to the Chairperson by April 1 of each year for consideration during that year.
  • Nominations are good for five years
  • Re-nominations can be made when the five-year period expires.
IV. Selections

  • Student-athletes become eligible for admission ten years after their NCAA eligibility has expired.
  • Athletes who transfer and graduate from another university are eligible.
  • Posthumous inductions are permitted.
  • Nominees must be able to be located.


Individual - Achievement is of paramount importance

  • Most nominees should have received significant recognition (All-Conference, All-Region, All-District, All-American, Olympic Team, etc.)
  • Individual records achieved and awards received during eligibility
  • Athletic accomplishment after graduation (professional sports, etc.)
  • Disparities between sports, sports era played, must be considered as a general and flexible guideline.
  • Academic standards, including undergraduate and post-graduate attainment
  • Strong civic commitment
  • Professional accomplishment in their career field
  • Athletes who went on to coach or hold athletic staff positions
  • Multiple sport participation
  • No nominee will be admitted if they would bring embarrassment to the University (criminal record, etc.)

Non-Athletes - Coaches, Staff, Teams

  • Non-athlete inductees should never outnumber athletes in any given year.
  • Coaches will be selected based on the accomplishment of their teams and life contributions that can be recognized.
  • Teams will be selected for accomplishments.
  • Non-athlete inductees must be exceptional and outstanding - merely "good" does not equate to selection.
  • Life-time achievement individuals who have given outstanding contributions over a long period of time may be considered.
  • Considerations in this category should be rare. However, no set formula or hard and fast rule is to be used.


All nominations should be sent to the sports information director who will distribute to individual members of the committee prior to a meeting to discuss and debate the nominations. Committee members may seek additional information from the person making the nomination or from the sports information director.

Once the nominees are discussed, a vote is taken on each nominee. It is a yes or no vote on induction to the Hall of Fame with a 2/3 majority yes vote of the committee necessary for induction. All nominations may be reconsidered each year for a period of five years from the original nomination.

All recommendations by the committee will be forwarded to the Director of Athletics who will review the recommendations and forward them to the President.


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